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Creating Magento Communities





Do you have a website running on the Magento platform?

If yes, then the first thing you need to do for getting more number of sellers and buyers on your eCommerce store is by creating a Magento community.

To make a profit from your store and create satisfied customers you need to have a good community on and outside the Magento website.

Again it is better than managing a blog or creating a Facebook page as it provides a community based on the market trends and user data.

So, if you too are into Magento ecommerce development, here are some pointers which to help you build a thriving Magento community.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is very crucial when it comes to a successful online community.

To start with, you can go for social media emails, blogs, etc. or you can look for ways to instruct your sponsors to improve brand awareness.

You can even influence your buyers by pointing out the possible benefits of competition in the field. Simply, let’s keep it this way, brand awareness is very important for building a Magento Community.


Go social

It is quite surprising to believe the fact that many online businesses are not reaping benefits of the social media sites.

Many businesses are failing to do so even though it is one of the best marketplaces for your store.

The online stores making use of the social media platforms should make sure to get the maximum out of the advertisements as well as content part.

While you make entry into the world of social media space make sure you have some objectives set in prior.

In the beginning, add pictures of products as well as add promotional contents.

Understand that visuals will get more attention and will ultimately help you get more sales as well as increase the interest of sellers and buyers.

So if your focus is on improved shopping experience on your website, try to make the online community stronger.


Provide content

Your users should find a better reason to stay in the community.

So better go for the option to create a blog section and update it regularly.

Keep on adding relevant content which will interest your users.

You can even add a forum to open up discussions.


Once you have users on social media platforms talking and staying, start looking for data.

Check your social media sites and marketplace where you have visitors and check out things like how they are navigating the site, etc.

This data will help to improve your marketing techniques as well as set your content strategies.

These steps will help you improve your sales.


Seller & buyer benefits

The loyalty and trust of your customers will help you grow your community.

You can improve it by encouraging conversations on the social media platforms.

Then you can make use of the loyalty programmes and seller & buyer benefits to build your community.

This can be something like how community or sellers inform the buyers on social media about the promotions, new products, exclusive deals, etc.



Magento has everything that you need to create a perfect platform for your business.

The flexible framework will help you have increased sale and yes, get profits.

Building a Magento Developer community will help you thrive in your business better.


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