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SEO & UX Trends For 2018




One of the key factors in formulating a successful SEO strategy comes with analysing customers search criteria and priorities. With the Google Penguin final algorithm updates now being a firm part of the SEO landscape and its implementation now being of paramount importance, at least in terms of ranking score, now is as good a time as any to assess your strategy and check again as to which are the top priorities, especially if you have client contracts to manage and maintain.

Here are a list of some the top priorities you may wish to consider when formulating a SEO strategy:

Schema Markup

Implementing schema markup languages have always been a part of effective SEO, however with both the search landscape and user trends ever evolving, schema markup is becoming an increasingly important strategic element to rank well.

If you aren’t already aware, a schema markup language is a type code (semantic vocabulary) added on a website that allows the search engine to better understand the website, which then ensures that it is displayed in the SERP as intended.

Adding schema markup will improve and simplify the purpose and content of your website, so the text on snippet boxes will be more appealing for readers and customers alike. You can add markup snippets to your products and services in the form of short descriptions etc

From a technical perspective , the schema can help to make sure that the website contents can be easily interpreted by RankBrain, Google’s machine learning algorithm.

And as Google continues to move their search towards artificial intelligence, having schema markup on your website will future-proof it in readiness for whatever Google introduces in the future.


AMP by Google 

Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a potential future of bringing web content to the mobile devices. The intention is to load web pages instantly on the mobile devices, by using a streamlined version of HTML, CSS, as well as a Google-cached version of the website to make a page load 30 times faster than non-AMP pages, which have on average a longer loading times. Indeed, more and more of the larger corporate brands are switching to AMP as a result of Google giving higher ranking scores to AMP-enabled websites.


Voice Search

With the rise in the past year of voice-operated home entertainment devices, a rise in mobile device voice search is likely to follow. Indeed it is reported that over 25% of searches on mobile devices are voice searches, which will lead to Personal Digital Assistants (website chat assistants) being increasingly adapted and integrated into mobile website solutions.


Personal Branding

Personal Branding is gaining popularity and becoming a useful tool to have in the SEO strategist’s toolbox.

Personal Branding started with YouTube video campaigns, which gave the viewer the opportunity to put faces to names and products etc. Indeed, it is still an effective online sales and marketing channel. It is also has the positive effects of:

  • Securing guest posts and hence unique content.
  • Bringing additional traffic to your website.
  • Increasing user engagement and building brand trust.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook also prefer individual posts to the
    branded posts according to their refined algorithms.
The Future

The key to a successful SEO strategy/ongoing campaign, rests with harnessing the technological changes seen this year especially and focusing on understanding end user expectations. SEO, both now and in the future will involve a lot more than simply relying on updating keyword strategies and content etc as the algorithms change to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Indeed, the SEO consultant should be clear about the end user’s perspective from the start, especially about what it is they want to see from your website’s content and what will keep them returning and ensure that they are up to speed with search algorithm changes.

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