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Assessing The Risk Of Online Storage

      In the old days of Web 1.0, when accessing the internet meant using a slow, dial-up connection, the idea of storing your data remotely rather than on a local disk was unthinkable. However, the modern availability of affordable, high-speed broadband connections has changed all that. Online or cloud storage is cheap and widely available, and we’re reaching the point where you may not need to have local storage on your computer at

Why CakePHP Is A Great Web Framework

    Web development covers a number of intrinsic aspects and it is crucial to stay well-informed before choosing a framework. While considering the various platforms, ideally one needs to choose an option which, not only meets the business requirements but, is also scaleable to future proof long-term web solutions. Noticeably, CakePHP comes with the potential of evolving the pseudo-functional patterns and thus, has brought a lot of utility for developers and consumers. It offers