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Network/Big Data Forensics, Information (Cyber) Security, Web Design and Development, Corporate Branding, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Domain Brokerage

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"To make technology more accessible and people-centric by creating inspiring, cutting edge solutions."


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of Network Infrastructure Managers are kept awake at night by concerns relating to complying with regulations and policies


of users access the internet exclusively using mobile devices


of businesses plan on having their own app available for customers to download in an app store in 2018


of businesses that invest in content creation as part of SEO campaigns report an average increase in revenues of 40%

RES Phorensics Consulting Blog Article: Javascript Web Apps
July 16, 2018

Assessing Javascript For Building Large Scale Web Applications

      According to the most recent statistics posted on w3techs.com, more than 89% of websites currently use JavaScript as a client-side programming language. As a cross-platform and lightweight programming language, JavaScript makes it easier for developers to build responsive websites and web applications that work with seamlessly with popular web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. It is also widely deployed by developers to achieve optimal cross browser compatibility to accomplish UI/UX tasks like browser control, user interaction, and

RES Phorensics Consulting Blog Article: Web Development Trends In Ecommerce
July 16, 2018

UI/UX Strategies And Ecommerce

      When a user makes a purchase on a website, there are many factors which contribute to a successful conversion. To name just a few, there is trust, design, speed and usability. It would be simplistic to narrow the reason down to just one such factor. Assuming that your site’s design, speed, usability, and trustworthiness have brought the customer as far as the product page, one of the major selling points are the product images.

RES Phorensics Consulting Blog Article: Network Security
July 16, 2018

Network Security, Honeypots And Cryptography

    Network Security, Honeypots And Cryptography For every consumer and business that is on the Internet, viruses, worms and crackers are a few security threats. There are the obvious tools that aid information security professionals against these problems such as anti-virus software, firewalls and intrusion detection systems, but these systems can only react to or prevent attacks-they cannot give us information about the attacker, the tools used or even the methods employed. Given all

RES Phorensics Consulting Article: Creating A Secure Android App Web Banner Version 2.01 Cropped
July 16, 2018

Creating A Secure Android App

      The Android operating system has lots of built-in security features, such as application sandboxing, protection against buffer and integer overflow attacks, and segregated memory areas for program instructions and data. As a result, simple Android apps that don’t perform any file system or networking operations can often be considered secure by default. If you are developing a more complex app, however, you are responsible for making it secure and to make sure the

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